Privacy Policy

Fitness Care Zone is highly concerned about customer privacy. We will never disclose any information to third-party. In terms of confidentiality, we strictly adhere to standard guidelines and policies. The main purpose of the privacy policy is to make sure that the details which we get from you will be maintained secretly and we will not be shared with others without any legal intention. In this page, we are going to know about significant aspects such as what is the information we get from you, how we use and so on.

What kind of information do we get from customers?

We used to get some specific details from the user due to some good reasons. This information can be gathered from our visitors or users:

  • Personal details: We will collect your personal information like name, postal address, location, and others. You need to give realistic information when we ask so that the product will be delivered to the specified address in sooner time.
  • Email address: We will ask for the email address. In some cases, we will ask for your email address directly. If not, we might retrieve it via cache or cookies.
  • Order information: When you want to place an order with our website then you need to sign up with our services. During such time, we will ask for some extra details like billing address and shipping address. The given information should be true or else you will get the product which you ordered from our site.
  • Phone number: We will ask for the phone number from you. However, you need to give the phone number which is in working condition. If not, then you cannot be able to contact us through any means.
  • Payment details: To make purchases from Fitness Care Zone then it is essential to give your payment details when asked for such as credit card number. Do not worry about confidentiality because your credential will be kept secret and it will not be shared with thirty-party providers.

How do we make use of collected information?

All the information gathered either directly or retrieved from various platforms is used for specific purposes. We have mentioned the reasons for gathering information from you.

  • Location information: We will ask for your location information, or else we will retrieve it from third parties. The main aim behind getting location data is to display the products which are found in your location as well as it helps you in the best possible manner.
  • Device information: We might gather information regarding the device which you are using during our website browsing. The information which we ask from you includes device type, IP address, browser type, and operating system version. Moreover, we can able to understand from where we are receiving traffic. We gather such information to improve our services & serve you in the best possible manner.
  • Usage information: We can gather information from various platforms to understand customer interaction with our webpage. Moreover, it helps us to understand the analytics & hence know which type of information you are interested in. By this way, we will display only the information which you want to save your precious time. However, we will offer only the most appropriate information depending upon your requirement.

In a nutshell, every piece of information which we gather from you is quite useful for improving our services & does not possess any legal purpose. We will never share your personal data with anyone because we take utmost concern with your privacy policy.

How we share your collected personal information?

There are some instances when we have to share your data with third parties. There are many ways through which we can able to share the information gathered from you.

  • Technical service providers: We will share the collected information with technical service providers, but you need not worry because your data will be maintained securely. On the other hand, technical service providers are professionals so they will never use your personal data for the unwanted purpose.
  • Compliance with law: We have the right to give your information to a law enforced government parties. This is mainly because we comply with legal obligations and legal process.
  • Facebook Page: In some cases, we might gather details about social media profiles & it will be shared with team members who are managing facebook page. Your information is shared because they will send you promotional items regarding recent deals and discounts.
  • With your permission: We will share your personal information with your full permission. If you allow us to share your information when we have full right to share your details with third parties.

How your information will be stored?

Concerning the Fitness Care Zone, you can completely trust us. Moreover, we have a database with password protection to safeguard the information. Additionally, we also have laid restricted access to your data. Everything is carried out to safeguard your information. Thus, you can ensure that the entire information is protected. Our professionals are competent enough to offer accurate information & safeguard your interests.

Changes to our privacy policy

We have the right to update our privacy policy at any time. When we do so, we will show a notification on the top of the website. Moreover, we also invite our visitors to check their page frequently to know changes to stay informed & how we help them in protecting your collected personal information. You must agree and acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the users to review the updated privacy policy & be alert about alterations.

Your acceptance of our policy terms

By using our portal, it is indicated that you are accepting your privacy policy. I suppose you do not agree with our terms then do not continue using our site because regular usage of the site followed by posting modifications to the system will be considered as you are accepting these modifications.